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How is rent on real estate taxed?


How is rent on real estate taxed?

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Leased or rented real estate is taxed the same as personal income by Croatian law, as income on property or property rights and the law acknowledges out of pocket expenses up to 30% of total rent realized. Estimated advance tax is paid up upon official decision of the Department of taxation at the end of each month for the current month. Before establishing the estimated tax the property owner's personal income is not taken into regard. The estimated advance tax is 15% and is considered to be the final tax sum, which frees the taxpayer from having to include it in his or her yearly tax form when filing other personal income.

As personal income gained from renting apartments, rooms, or beds to tourists or any individuals which are paying residence tax then the out of pocket expenses are acknowledged up to 50% of total rent realized. Estimated advance tax is paid by the tax payer in this case the direct renter of property each month in the amount of 15%, and this is considered to be the total sum. The renter is also not required to file this personal income in his or her yearly tax return.

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