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  • Luksuzna Villa apartments in Ivan Dolac

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    Property Type: Hotels & Villas
    Area: 836 m2
    Sea view: YES
    Distance from sea: 150 m
    Location: Ivan Dolac
    More about Luksuzna Villa apartments in Ivan Dolac:

    We are proud to present the project "Villa", a designer villa with 8 apartments, located in Ivan Dolac, a beautiful small village on the south side of the island of Hvar.
    The idea of the design process was to combine traditional Dalmatian construction and modern architecture. The goal was achieved by choosing domestic materials: Hvar stone and wood, combined with large glass surfaces, that characterize modern construction. We wanted every room to have enough light and warmth and, most importantly, a fantastic sea view. In addition, each apartment has private parking.

    The location is remarkably peaceful, and ideal for a family holiday. Beautiful beaches are 180 m away, and in privacy, peace and luxury, you can enjoy the private pool at Villa Octo. If, however, you want to explore more of untouched nature, beautiful bays, islands and enjoy the beauty of the Adriatic Sea, boat trips to islands Šćedro, Pelješac, Korčula, Vis are available.

    Hvar is very well connected to the mainland and nearby islands by frequent ferry and catamaran lines. Ivan Dolac is just 10 km from Jelsa, and 30 km from Hvar. The completion of Dubovica-Sveta Nedelja road, which shortens the journey to Hvar to just 20 minutes, is scheduled for this year. It connects to the beautiful seaview road leading along the most beautiful scenery of the turquoise sea and mountain vineyards, that produce the best wine in this part of Europe.

    Within a 50 km radius, there is absolutely no industry or any source of pollution. The beaches and the sea are crystal clean, as well as the sea air, which has beneficial effects and strengthens the immune system. Drinking water comes from the spring of the Cetina river, and is one of the highest quality waters in Croatia.

    In the vicinity of Villa, there is a grocery shop and several restaurants offering fresh fish and various local specialties. Homegrown bio fruits and vegetables of heavenly taste, unprocessed with chemicals, are available every day. All year round, highest quality extra virgin olive oil, homemade honey, high-quality wines, various lavender products and many other specialties are available from family farms engaged in the cultivation of home-made healthy food. Hvar is an island of scents and aromas that you must experience with your own senses.

    Vrhuska alu stolarija termo 85 u boji sandbeige. Staklene alu stijene podizno klizne u profilu Termo 150 mm i troslojnim staklom. Sva ulazna vrata po mjeri u punoj visini do stropa u aluminiju. Decking na terasama. Staklene ograde na terasama. Klime Daikin Sensira sa wi-fi modulima za upravljanje preko mobitela. Električne bioklimatske tende na terasama. Vrhunska kupaonska oprema Hans Grohe. Stakleni elementi u kupaonicama pravljeni po mjeri. Unutrašnja vrata u boji bora po mjeri do visina stropa sa skrivenim šarkama. Podno grijanje u kupaonicama regulirano termostatom. Kvalitetni materijali koristeni u gradnji i velika količina armaturnog željeza korištena za stabilnost zgrade.

    A-1:  47,51 m2.      152032 eur 

    A-2:  59,33 m2.      189856 eur

    A-3:  47,32 m2.      151424 eur

    A-4:  59,14 m2.      189248 eur

    A-5:  49,82 m2.      159424 eur

    A-6:  47,32 m2.      165620 eur

    A-7:  59,14 m2.      206990 eur

    A-8:  49,82 m2.      174330 eur

    • R a1 1609170437
    • R front 1609170437
    • Render7
    • R front 1609170437
    • R orto bok levi 1609170437 (1)
    • R orto 1609170437 (1)
    • Ra bazen bok 1609170437
    • Rv ulaz 1609170437
    • Img 20210309 105249
    • Img 20210309 104418
    • Img 20210309 104429

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